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Rory has been given the crown of the best skin fadest in the north of England and Borders region, but he is not only a barber.

'Learning from barbers completely turned everything that I thought I knew about cutting hair on it's head. Surrounded by Persian, Brazilian, Portuguese and Moroccan barbers has been intriguing.'

Rory has been a barber and hairstylist for 25 years, starting his career in Galway, Ireland. After being trained by an award winning family salon, he made a beeline for the newly opened Toni&Guy in Galway's Spanish Quarter. A year and half later Rory won finalist in the prestigious L'Oreal Colour Trophy and launched his own salon at the age of 22.

Rory has styled hair for many companies including Estee lauder, Adidas, I.D. magazine, Vanity fair, L'Oreal Professional and Aveda.

'The most famous person that I have styled was David Bowe at a fashion show. Styling people like David is a lot easier than you may think. They put their heart, soul and thoughts in their music so we all kind of know them a lot.'

Rory enjoys listening to metal while doing beard trims, 60's rock while scissors cutting and 90's trance while skin fading. He has created a Backstage Pass card system that gives great discounts to regular clients. They can be purchased within the products section.

'In Hexham I have attracted a clientele of significant balance and I'm building my business model around that. An exquisite barber shop business model whisked with absolute hair cutting experience.'

Rory offers 29 services from shea butter & sandalwood hot towel beard design to Mia Farrow crops. Have a look through the wide range of treats that is offered at Hairy Rory's.







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